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The cleaning device was used for cleaning the bell cup and shaping air units all SAMES KREMLIN atomizer developed. This device allows for quick and thorough Cleaning the shaping air unit and bells. The application is simple and guarantees a complete and perfect Cleaning in no time.

This ergonomic device was designed for a simplified operation developed. The machine enables ongoing cleaning of up to twelve during production Shaping air units and bells. Due to the compact design mounted on rollers this set perfectly into your maintenance area.
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First, the shaping air rings and bells must be mounted on a special holder frame to be assembled. This bracket is then pushed to the bottom of the container. Then fill the tank with solvent to fill the bells and shape air units to be covered completely (approx. 25 litres). Set the cleaning time using the timer (0 to 120 min) according to the degree of contamination of the shaping air units. After immersing the Shaping air units into the cleaning solution are batches of compressed air and solvent sprayed on the surfaces and in the holes. The effect of one after the other Triggered compressed air and solvent jets allows a blockage-free and effective removal of paint deposits. After completion of this process, the solvent can be removed from the tank via a drain valve containers are emptied. A possible reuse of the solvent is thanks two filters, which also ensure a constantly clean bathroom.

This device consists of:
  • A frame, the one Stainless steel container to hold the carries shaping air units.
  • One on/off button for general system shutdown.
  • A timer (1) to set the Cleaning cycle time.
  • A push button (2) to start the cycle.
  • A control button (3) for blowing of air
  • A pressure gauge showing the airflow pressure displays
  • A solvent drain valve

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