Type 6430 - Piston valve, 3/2-way, servo-assisted

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The valve 6430 is a servo-assisted 3/2-way piston valve. If the valve is not supplied with auxiliary pilot air, a minimum differential pressure is required for the function. Variants: For neutral liquids and gases in the pressure range 1-16 bar in the function NC and NO. - For technical vacuums up to 3 bar in the function NC and NO. - With auxiliary pilot air for vacuums up to 8 bar in the function NC and NO. All variants are available as an impulse version to secure the switching position even in the event of power interruptions. The Type 6430 is equipped with a manual override for start-up or manual operation (exception: impulse version). To reduce electrical power consumption during operation, coils with integrated “Kick and Drop” (KD) electronics featuring double coil technology are available. A maintenance-free, media-separated 3/2-way pivoted armature valve Type 0331 is used as a pilot valve. In combination with a plug to DIN EN 175301 – 803 Form A, the valves satisfy degree of protection IP65.