Clemco Arenadora 200 litros equipo básico
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- 200l-Strahlkessel mit Dosierventil FSV - Fernbedienung RMS-2000A - Wasserabscheider HMS - Sieb - Deckel - 20m Fernbedienungsschlauch - Handhebel RLX-III
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Blast Machine SCW-2452

200 Liter Media Tank

Basic Equipment

  • 200l-Blast Pot with metering valve FSV
  • Remote control RMS-2000A
  • Moistureseparator 1 1/2" HMS
  • Screen, Cover
  • 20m remote control hose with handlever RLX-III
  • The SCWB-2452 pressure blast pot has a pot size of 200 liter, which is the perfect combination of mobility and performance. Due to its size, wheels and crane hooks it can be transported everywhere and serves with long blast duration at the same time. Different accessories, like specialized metering valves and water separator, are giving you a flexible choice to fit to your special needs and also to blast with different abrasive medias. With this flexibility, the blast pot can be adapted to every usage site and blast job that must be done with the blast performance you need. Moreover, it doesn´t matter if you want to use the 200 liter blast pot as a mobile or fixed installation for example in combination with an abrasive media silo in blast rooms.
  • High-performance, versatile blast cleaning system removes contamination, corrosion, mill scale, and coatings from most surfaces.
  • Produces a uniform surface texture, and creates a surface profile to increase bonding for coatings.
  • Yard-portable, heavy-duty, industrial, single-chamber blast machine rated at 12 bar working pressure.
  • This unit is equipped with abrasive metering valve and remote controls.
  • Yard portable, industrial-quality blast machines manufactured to ASME code.
  • 1-1/4-inch piping allows up to 50 percent more air flow when compared with 1-inch piping.
  • Industrial-quality valves, piping and fittings designed to maximize air flow and minimize energy required to operate the system.
  • Abrasive metering valve maintains smooth, consistent, adjustable media flow.
Approvals and Certifications
  • Complete blast machine and the pressure vessel built to european Pressure Equipment Directive specifications and in accordance with the former German Ordinance on Pressure Vessels for 12 bar working pressure..
  • Vessel is hydrostatically tested and National CE-certified.
  • Remote control system complies with CE-Specification.
  • Within the scope of blast machine delivery you get the enclosed documents
  • CE declaration of conformity (CE certification).
    declaration of conformity for the pressure vessel
    operating instructions blast machine
    operating instructions pressure vessel
  • These items are required for Operation but not included with this equipment:
  • Clean, dry, compressed air of sufficient volume to maintain desired pressure at the nozzle. Refer to Air Consumption Chart.
    Minimum of 3 bar is needed to close the pop-up valve and pressurize the blast machine.
    OSHA-required remote control system that interrupts blasting if operator should lose control of the nozzle when blast machine is pressurized.
    NIOSH-approved, type CE, supplied-air respirator.
    Abrasive blast media specifically manufactured for abrasive blasting and appropriate for your application.
    Appropriate blast suit, work boots, hearing and eye protection.
  • Property Value
    Volume 100 liter
    Height 1016 mm
    Diameter 508 mm
    Empty Weight 83 kg
    Piping 1 ¼"
    Working Pressure 12 bar (max.)
Spare Parts
  • For the ability to react quickly in suppling our customers with the correct spares we hold a very large warehose stock with spares.
  • If you need help to identify the parts you required please contact us for assistance.
  • We have more than twenty years of experience in blasting and abrasive techniques.
  • OT-Seelmann is a specialist dealer authorized by Clemco, Wagner, Walther-Pilot, KMT, Impacts, EWO and Lüdecke.
  • For supplying our customers we hold a very large warehouse stock with spares and blasting media.
  • If necessary we provide on-site fitting of the system (in Germany).
  • For optimal performance of the system we can provide maintenance services or we can teach you how to perform maintenance work independently.
  • If you need further information do not hesitate to contact us .
  • The offered goods are all high-grade and new.

Número de artículo6516
Número de fabricante90908D
Categoría Arenadoras con equipo básico
Peso: 160 kg
Dimensiones totales: L x A x A: 800 x 1450 x 850 mm
Capacidad del tanque: 200 l
diámetro: 610 mm
tubería: 1 1/4"
presión de trabajo: max. 12 bar

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