Clemco Pulsar blast cabinet as a custom made product

07.02.2018 12:51

We have realized the requirements of our customer which ordered especially a blast cabinet with a larger legroom. The Pulsar VI Plus blast cabinet will be used for sandblasting ceramic products and the operators would work sitting on a chair in front of the machine. The manual control elements are established on the top of the cabinet and therefore easy to reach. Inside an automatic blast gun is mounted stationary so that the operator can hold the workpiece with both hands. Because of the requirement of using FEPA 240 we had to install an adjustable cleaning unit (cyclone). This abrasive medium has a small particle size and a bad flow property. The cyclone enables the sorting of abrasive medium and porcelain dust. Since the installation runs averaged 10 hours daily it was equipped with a double sized filter. We installed and connected the blast cabinet and instructed and trained the staff.

clemco Pulsar VI Plus

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