Pressure regulator EWO airvision L

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Pressure regulators in a modular design. They maintain a constant working pressure, regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system or of air consumption. Flanging is possible on both sides for adding other airvision equipment. Secondary air exhaust (relieving) and almost complete independence of primary pressure. Diaphragm regulator with working pressure ranges 0,5 up to 6, 10 and 16 bar. Adjustment can be locked by pressing the handwheel. Gauge can be mounted on back or front. Connection threads G 1/8 and G 1/4. Important: Use of filter always recommended. 6 airvision modular Technical data Nominal rates of flow** 670 Nl/min Max. operating pressure (p1) 25 bar Control range (p 2) 0,5 to 10 bar (optionally: 6 and 16 bar) Operating temperature +50 °C Mounting position any Direction of flow see arrow Nominal width DN 6 Dependence upon supply pressure < 4 % Reversing control hysteresis ~ 1 bar Weight 300 g Material - diaphragm / seals NBR - housing zinc alloy ** measured at p1 = 8 bar, p2 = 6 bar and ?p = 1 bar Rates of flow p1=p2+2bar p2 [bar] G1/4 Q [Nl/min] 12