Repair of a worn-out Contractor Blast Machine

Repair of a worn-out Contractor Blast Machine

  • The Blasting Pot was delivered by the customer unable to function. A quick repair was expected.
  • After dimantling of the device massive tear-and-wear and blockages were noted.
  • Because of the durability of the CLEMCO Components and their availability in our warehouse was it possible to refit the boiler in our own workshop.
  • Refitted were a CLEMCO RMS-2000 Remote Control Valve,, a CLEMCO FSV Metering Valve and a HMS Oil- and Water Separator..
  • After only 1,5 hours the device was overhauled and the customer took it home again.

2019-07-05 16:53:00 / Repairs and maintenance of sandblasters and blasting facilities

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Repair of a worn-out Contractor Blast Machine with CLEMCO components.


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